The Childrens Home Saikot
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Welcome to the Childrens Home Siakot

For over 30 years the childrens home has helped house and school children from
Churachandupr and surrounding towns in Manipur, North East India.

The children come to the orphanage for various reasons, some of which their parents
have died or they were unwanted.  Some of the children escaped from remote villages
that were destroyed and burnt by local militant groups.

All the children here are provided with clothing, study books and are schooled on a
daily basis. St Stephens School is based on the ground of the chidrens home.  The
children are taught maths, Engish and Christian religion, many leave the school and
become successful working as doctors, ministers or in the Indian Government.

Help us Save the Orphanage

The Childrens Home are currently looking for a new sponsor to provide funding for the home;Unfortunately due to the cut backs we are unable to accommodate to full capacity which is approx 350

ys and girls.

The current sponsor from holland has started a cut back on our funding which has been
decreasing by the year.  This means that we are having to find other homes for children
who are currently residing here and that we are unable to continue taking in new
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"Daniel"  The last child
accepted into the home.  

Due to a cut back in
sponsorship, young Daniel was the last
child accepted into the
orphanage.  Although he is
fed and cared for, without
sponsorship Daniel receives
no education.